A key feature of a sustainable building is the appropriate combination of its diverse technical specifications along with its operational and management procedures.

Characteristics that contribute to the sustainability of a building are:

  • Energy saving through bioclimatic design and thermal shielding of its envelope.
  • The high energy efficiency of building services installations.
  • The use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
  • The healthy indoor environment and the creation of wellness conditions for the occupants.
  • The location with good access to public transport and encouragement for the use of alternative modes of transport.
  • Savings and prudent management of water resources.
  • Waste management, throughout the whole life cycle, according to the principle “reduce-reuse-recycle”.
  • Maintaining all forms of pollution, during construction and operation, at low levels.

According to location, use, stakeholders and life cycle of the building (new construction, refurbishment etc.), the above characteristics are combined appropriately to deliver a sustainable building.