Welcome to SBC GREECE

Sustainable Building
Council Greece.

Welcome to SBC GREECE

Sustainable Building
Council Greece.

The benefits of participation


Member of a worldwide sustainability family with a strong influence

  • Network with members from 100+ national GBCs (Green Building Councils).
  • Become a member of the European Regional Network of GBCs with a strong influence in the decision-making center of European policy and legislation in Brussels.


Improve and highlight your sustainability perception

SBC Greece:

  • Is a specialized sustainability institution with prestige, credibility and transparency in national and international level.
  • Attracts institutions, businesses, professionals, and students from all around Greece that are actively involved in excellence and often go beyond the legislation requirements.
  • Highlights your sensitivity for sustainability in the framework of corporate, professional and personal social responsibility.


Participation and leadership in the transformation of the real estate market and the built environment

  • Actively participate, through the Special Committees, in advocacy with institutions for the formation of the Greek and European sustainability legislation
  • Connect with national and international real estate and built environment market leaders.
  • Exchange experiences, know-how and opinions with professionals, businesses and institutions that embrace the sustainability principles and encounter similar challenges


Continuous information updates and knowledge enhancement

  • Stay updated with the latest sustainability trends through publications, reports and networking with leading sustainability organizations.
  • Enjoy special prices in high level certified educational seminars
  • Enhance your knowledge though participation in conferences, online and live seminars, webinars and workshops.