Health & Wellbeing of building occupants is currently at the heart of sustainable construction.

The trend in sustainability today leads to an anthropocentric design and operation for buildings and infrastructure. The significant component of sustainability Health & Wellbeing prevails within the global sustainability movement at a level of:

  • Research
  • Building and infrastructure design
  • Materials design and production
  • Focused assessment and certification systems
  • Procedures and management for the operation of buildings and infrastructure
WGBC initiated a global scale project (BETTER PLACES FOR PEOPLE) to support all Green Buildings Councils (GBC’s) and their members in order to increase supply and demand for sustainable buildings with emphasis on Health, Wellbeing and Productivity of occupants.

The US-based International Well Building Institute (IWBI) has developed the WELL Building assessment and certification system, which focuses exclusively on Health & Wellbeing of building occupants.