SBC GREECE members

The members of SBC GREECE comprise of companies, institutions and individuals. All members are highly active and successfully operate within the wider area of the building and infrastructure industry. They recognise the importance of sustainability in the built environment and they represent a wide range of designers (architects, engineers, statics, etc.), academics, builders, contractors, sustainability consultants and auditors, manufacturers and suppliers of materials, non-profit institutes, lawyers etc.



Dimitrios Bikas

Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil Engineering, A.U.Th.

Tsangrassoulis Aris

Associate Professor


Ileana Papadopoulou

Lawyer, Legg Mason

Eleni Chatzigeorgiou

Energy & Sustainability Consultant, BREEAM Assessor

Margarita Hatzakou

Architect Engineer – Designer

Akis Kekridis

Sustainability CSR Project Manager

Maria Levanti

Project & Construction Manager at Ecoveritas, BREEAM Int’l Assessor

Orestis Trasanidis

Mechanical Engineer

Konstantinos Ninikas

Energy, Sustainability & Life Cycle Assessment at MIT

Nikos Karamesinis

Senior Architect



Student at the Department of Energy Technology Engineering of the T.E.I of Athens

Theodore Stefou

Intelligence Analyst at HNDGS

Goran Z. Losic